first conspiracy draft

After being a bit disenchanted with Magic over the last few weeks (also just life issues that heavily dissuaded me from playing too much Magic), I decided to run down and do a Conspiracy draft before stores stopped hosting them. My first draft went… very well, if I do say so myself :X


Had a nice Defender theme going along with some very strong cards and Sulfuric Vortex as a finisher.

I won the 4-player match, which got me free entry into another draft since players wanted to draft again rather than play out a finals match. My second draft went less well, but I still had a solid deck and also pulled out a win in a 3-player match even though I got kind of screwed early on. I definitely drafted more fun cards the second time around :3

In the first draft’s 4-person game, I went turn 1 Cinder Wall, turn 2 Power of Fire. Turn 6 Pristine Angel, which mostly kept me safe from attacks for the rest of the game. Pretty far into the game, I was holding Volcanic Fallout and Brimstone Volley in my hand when I drew and played Sulfuric Vortex. My board included a Pithcburn Devils and Silent Arbiter, perfect for me since Pristine Angel blocks everything. Careful use of Power of Fire put my opponents at 10, 9, 9 life when I was at 5 life on my turn. Made a dumb move and attacked the one person with a sac creature in play with my Devils, so I didn’t get extra damage from it. Still, I cast Fallout. The guy on my right for some reason casts Split Decision on Fallout and chooses Dupe, so I choose Dupe too, and now there are 2 Fallouts. First one resolves, life totals are 3-8-7-7. I ping to get to 3-7-7-7 before my Wall dies. Pitchburn dies on the second Fallout, I hit the guy across me with his trigger, 1-5-2-5. Brimstone Volley flipping up Double Stroke to kill the two 5s, and the last guy dies from Vortex on his upkeep.

Even if the Fallout didn’t get copied, it would have gone Fallout 3-8-7-7, double Brimstone to 3-3-7-2, ping to 3-2-7-2 with Stave Off in my hand. Pass turn, my left dies, the 7 guy goes to 5 (no cards in hand), my right dies. On my turn I attack with Pristine (I have Stave Off if he draws a flyer or removal spell) and ping to win.


In the second draft, I had Secrets of Paradise with Minamo Scrollkeeper named, and kept an opening hand of 2 Scrollkeepers, Grenzo, Reya, and 3 lands. I had a pretty explosive turn 5, flipping Secrets of Paradise and playing Grenzo for 5. I was able to have my fun for 1 turn, attacking for 7 and bottoming out 3 cards, giving me an Apex Hawks and a Galvanic Juggernaut. Fun times ended with my left opponent used AEther Tradewinds to bounce Grenzo, then my right opponent immediately cast Ill-Gotten Gains, making me lose both Grenzo AND Reya :(:(:( …except, now that I actually read Ill-Gotten Gains, I can just put them both back in my hand… /facepalm… whoops :/ oh well, I still ended up winning. I got back Galvanic Juggernaut, a Vow of Duty, and Stasis Cell. I put Vow of Duty on one guy’s 7/7 Lurking Automaton, then just kept key creatures locked down with Stasis Cell. I still had my Scrollkeepers, so I was able to multikicker an Enclave Elite for 5. My left opponent just didn’t draw any more creatures, so when my right opponent attacked him with Flaring Flame-Kin/Necromantic Thirst, he ended up blocking it and they traded. This cleared the way for me to drop Wakestone Gargoyle, giving me lots of bodies in addition to my Custodi Squire. My Enclave Elite got bounced, but by that time it didn’t matter since both opponents just didn’t draw into more creatures or relevant removal.

As you may have noted, someone did in fact draft a Lore Seeker and buy a Dragon’s Maze pack to throw into the draft :X which is why I have the random Ascended Lawmage and Azorius Cluestone :D


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