rags – theros block draft – june 5, 2014


Well, after a couple weeks in Portland, I finally made it to a draft! Shout out to The Friendly Local Game Store, which has only been open a couple weeks but looking to build a solid community! The store’s attention to customer comfort, order, and cleanliness reminds me a lot of I’m Board, plus they have $8 casual drafts (no prizes) on Thursdays, so I think I shall be a long-time customer! It is a bit far away from my apartment, unfortunately, but I don’t think any stores are conveniently located near me anyway.

So, draft. I opened a Daring Thief. In hindsight, knowing what else I could have drafted, I probably should have taken it, since it’s kind of ridiculous with Evanescent Intellect. However, I took Whitewater Naiads over it, which is a less risky card that’s got a similar power-level. My second pick was a Hydra Broodmaster, which made me think I might repeat my last Theros draft. However, I picked up 3 Nyx Infusions as well as a Dreadbringer Lampads and 2 Cloaked Sirens, seeing little good in green, solidifying me in UB. Also helped that I got passed a Scourge of the Fleets mid pack. Pack 2 I opened Herald of Torment, which was cool, then wheeled 2 Servant of Tymaret, which, after having played with them, they are pretty insane. I’ll have to pick them much higher in the future. Aside from the Forlorn Pseudamma, I didn’t really get or see anything else interesting in the BNG pack. Theros too felt rather unexciting; I picked up Tymaret first pick, then got passed a Nighthowler, but nothing else fun stood out.

Being a casual draft, the level of players was not very high compared to what I’m used to. First round I played against a kid running Orzhov. He had some durdles and played fairly conservatively, missing quite a lot of random damage for no good reason I could see. He did use Pyxis of Pandemonium, which was pretty fun; I was going to win the next turn, but he pops it and gets like 5 creatures. Of course, I got a bunch of creatures too, but since they all had summoning sickness I had to hold back and do math before I was able to actually figure out a win. Servant of Tymaret enchanted with Nighthowler is pretty insane. Second game, I was able to ride the double troubles of Whitewater Naiads + Dreadbringer Lampads to victory.

Match 2 was against the one guy playing Boros. Games 1 and 3 were just stupid with him running out Prophetic Flamespeaker and assembling Voltron; with such low, ineffective removal in this block, that was just such an impossible hurdle to overcome. He just throw on Mantle of Flame and a couple Fearsome Tempers, casting Lightning Surge and Bolt of Keranos from the triggers to kill any possible defense I could muster. Game 2 I won because he didn’t draw the Flamespeaker, so I was able to build up a higher quality creature base.

Match 3 was against a Naya deck that had about as high a creature density as my deck, but also had ramp to pull it out a bit quicker. I was lucky that he milled his Dictate of Heliod with Satyr Wayfinder, otherwise it was a really grindy game. He got me low quick, I was able to stabilize a bit with Servant of Tymaret, set him back a couple turns with Scoure of the Fleets, then won by dropping Whitewater Naiads to 6 him in the face, followed by, a few turns later, Nyxborn Triton bestowed on the Scourge for another 8.

Once again, this was an $8 draft, no prizes, but the cards I picked up, again, weren’t worth much. More than last time, at least.

Current collection:

Interpret the Signs
Whitewater Naiads
Cutthroat Maneuver
Forlorn Pseudamma
Colossal Heroics
Goldenhide Ox
Graverobber Spider
Mischief and Mayhem
Nessian Game Warden
Pheres-Band Raiders
Satyr Piper
Horizon Chimera x2
Stormchaser Chimera

Polymorphous Rush
Scourge of the Fleets
Herald of Torment
Hydra Broodmaster
Anax and Cymede
Daxos of Meletis
Polis Crusher
Tymaret, the Murder King

Money spent: $18
Current collection value: ~$6.50 (rares)


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