first additions to my collection in 2014!

New stuff!

Today I got some new stuff!

Nisekoi volume 1: I’m a big fan of this manga. A lot of people don’t like where it’s gone over the last 20ish chapters, but I like the world-building and the progression into more of a slice of life. Unlike Hata’s Hayate no Gotoku, Komi isn’t adding additional complexity to the story, he’s just delaying the resolution of the main plot, but he’s also developing the world he built, fleshing it out more.

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere: I was a big fan of this anime and am hoping it’ll be continued (since it definitely did not end on any kind of resolved note). It’s a pretty standard fantasy-world cyberpunk setting that Japan likes to use: magic, giant robots, flying cities, nods to Shinto faith and Christianity, etc. Most of the girls have huge waterballoon boobs, you know the drill ;P The neat thing about this series is its complexity, though. This doesn’t work in every anime or fiction novel, but the depth of the rules of the world and society are pretty much what drive the story. Knowing how to defeat a spellcaster requires knowledge of their faith and what their Gods can do, as well as knowing the prerequisites for casting the spell, then knowing how to use your own powers to counteract them. Politics run fast and hard as the flying city-states negotiate and debate with each other about affairs of war, economics, religion, even how to run a joint festival. If you typically like stuff like Bleach or Dragonlance, where the author basically states “well, this is how the world works, that’s it,” you might have some trouble following this show. However, if you like: Index/Railgun, where all the powers are rooted in real-world science and religion; MaoYuu/Log Horizon, where sociology and economics are the primary focus of the story; or even Game of Thrones, where every action has a reaction that plays out as you might expect… you might like this show.

Lately, I’ve mostly just been watching new anime from the Winter 2014 season and playing Puzzle & Dragons. I’ll try to get a week-1 report for the new anime soon :) but that may be a couple weeks off, since some shows aren’t starting until next week.


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