binbougami-ga bd get~



This came in the other day! I would probably rank Binbougami-ga! as one of my top 5 anime series, and definitely top 3 manga. I really hope a continuation anime is made someday, since the story is pretty spectacular.

Binbougami-ga! is about Sakura Ichiko, a girl who leads a high-class, near-perfect life… due to her innately high happiness energy and an unknowing ability to steal happiness energy from those around her. Since this would unbalance the human world, Momiji, a binbougami (God of Poverty), is sent to steal Ichiko’s happiness energy. What ensues is an over-the-top, endless, zany conflict between an aggressive, selfish, and, above all, fortunate human and a lazy, creative, vindictive, but surprisingly good-hearted deity.

I highly recommend any anime fans out there check out this series. It’s first and foremost a comedy and parody, but it’s also a character study, and the relationships explored in this short peek into Sukeno Yoshiaki’s world are rather deep and complex.


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