maou-totte progress


Figured I would write an update post, since I started this translation project a few weeks ago. I’ve more or less finished translating chapter 0. I think I’m also done cleaning (“cleaning”) the pages, so all that’s left is to finish localizing then typeset. There are a lot of text-heavy panels, and a couple where I might need to do a bit of redrawing (or I might just do the lazy low-alpha overlay, basically graying out the Japanese text and slapping English text on top).

Part of me wants to translate chapters 1 and 2 first before I finish up work on chapter 0 since names or references or whatnot might make more sense. However, it would also be nice to actually finish something, since it’s proof that I’m actually getting something done. We’ll see; with the holidays coming up, I might either have a lot of time or no time at all to work on this project. I probably won’t get chapter 0 out until the new year regardless.


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