new personal japanese project

Maou-sama Chotto Sore Totte!!

So, a long time ago, I had the pompous idea to re-scanlate D-FRAG! while teaching myself Japanese. Yeah, that project never really got anywhere. Someone else also started doing the same thing and actually got a few chapters released.

I did discover that Haruno Tomoya has another ongoing series that’s not currently being scanlated, though. The title is “Maou-sama Chotto Sore Totte!!,” which has been Engrishly translated as “Hey! Miss Satan Taking It!” I found the first volume and decided that I was going to put my WWWJDIC/ skills to good use, pretend I know what I’m doing, and do some scanlating in my free time. Since I have pretty much zero formal Japanese training and like a couple hours of typesetting experience, I have no idea how long it will take to complete the first chapter (Chapter 0), so stay tuned!

There is like a 73% chance I’ll end up dropping this personal project from forgetfulness/busy doing other stuff, too. But! As flimsy proof of the compulsive commitment I made last night at midnight, here is the first page!

(Apparently this manga is about ping-pong and sporks.)


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