apparently lingering souls is good

First time I “won” a draft in a long time, going 2-0-split at Pegasus tonight. My deck wasn’t amazing, but I felt like I generally played very tightly and made the most of any advantage given to me. I was in a 10-man pod, first-pick Lingering Souls, passing a Hellrider, second pick Wakedancer passing a Flayer of the Hatebound (guy on my right took Gather the Townsfolk over it… I guess that’s justifiable?). I took most good black cards I saw, but the guy on my left still somehow ended up in blue/black. *shrug* Who knows. The draft was kind of a trainwreck all around; my first pack was 4 white cards, 3 black cards, 2 red cards, 3 green cards, and 1 each blue and artifact cards… I opened a Victim of the Night pack 2 and got passed another one, then opened a Dearly Departed pack 3 and between packs 2 and 3 got mid/late Mausoleum Guard, Rebuke, and Galvanic Juggernaut.

8 Plains, 7 Swamp, 2 Forest

Blazing Torch, Wolfhunter’s Quiver, Burden of Guilt

Silverchase Fox, Loyal Cathar, Victim of the Night x2

Gavony Ironwright, Lingering Souls, Village Bellringer x2, Chapel Geist, Markov Patrician, Wakedancer, Rebuke

Galvanic Juggernaut, Abbey Griffin, Mausoleum Guard, Abattoir Ghoul

Gallows Warden, Unburial Rites

Dearly Departed, Feed the Pack

Relevant Sideboard:

Selfless Cathar, Manor Skeleton, Somberwald Dryad, Intangible Virtue, Trepanation Blade, Crushing Vines, Hollowhenge Scavenger

After dropping game 1 to being stuck on 2 land, I was able to salvage game 2 through a turn 2 Skirsdag High Priest since he never really drew enough creatures to activate it more than once. The one turn he did, I attacked with my Juggernaut, he blocked with the demon, and I sacrificed my Silverchase Fox to remove Sensory Deprivation and at least force a trade. My opponent was pretty inexperienced, so he didn’t think to make another token before combat damage. From that position, I was able to slowly regain control, landing a Mausoleum Guard, Abattoir Ghoul, and Wolfhunter’s Quiver. Game 3 went much more in my favor, getting turn 3 Lingering Souls into Galvanic Juggernaut and basically staying on the offensive the rest of the game.

Match 2 was pretty rough, although I ended up winning 2-0. Hamlet Captain into Ambush Viper into Travel Prep got me low pretty quickly, but I got my Wolfhunter’s Quiver on Abattoir Ghoul to pseudo-lifelink his small creatures, then maneuvered blocks to fall to 4 life, slamming Gavony Ironwright afterwards. I did end up going to 8 life by shooting down his Grizzled Outcasts with the ghoul + another creature, just to stay out of range of random cards that kill me (he was in red, so morbid Brimstone Volley, Markov Warlord, Nightbird’s Clutches, etc., would all kill me). After stopping 1 alphastrike by Victiming his Captain and blocking his Ambush Viper with Loyal Cathar + token, I was able to start swinging back slowly with my 3/6 Unhallowed Cathar. He only had 1 card in hand, and didn’t like the prospect of topdecking an apparently nonexistent answer, so he scooped. Game 2, he led with a Village Ironsmith turn 2, and I had nothing. I was also stuck on 2 Plains/1 Forest, so I went Chapel Geist into Gavony Ironwright into Lingering Souls. He was able to land his own Quiver, though. After taking a good chunk of damage, I finally drew a Swamp, flashing back Lingering Souls and playing Blazing Torch to flip his werewolves and threaten an airstrike when he was at 12 (Chapel Geist + 4 tokens = 11, EOT Blazing Torch). However, since I was at 4, he was able to prevent it by attacking into my team with his Russet Wolves and Scorned Villager, forcing me to block. I chose to block both, Chapel Geist on Wolves and spirit token on Villager. He then tapped his Village Ironsmith to deal 1 to my Ironwright, then Harvest Pyred for his entire graveyard, courtesy the now-dead creatures, which also kills my Geist and token. Unfortunately for him, I drew my fifth land, so I was able to Unburial Rites the Ironwright back onto the field after attacking for 2 with my Unhallowed Cathar. At this point, all he had was a Grizzled Outcasts with Burden of Guilt and Quiver to my Ironwright, Cathar, and 3 spirit tokens. He played a Darkthicket Wolf, equipped the Quiver to his Outcasts, and passed. Again, like last game, he had a single card in hand. I luckily drew a second Swamp, tapped his Outcasts, Victimed his Wolf, and attacked for exactsies. He didn’t have the Ambush Viper, so it was game. Phew!

Fateful Hour might be a really powerful ability, but it really puts you on edge the entire time, especially against a red deck.

As luck would have it, the pair-down match went to time and they actually got a draw, so I was able to ID with my last-round opponent. I took the FNM promo while he took the 2 extra packs. All in all quite a good night for me when I wasn’t terribly confident in my deck!

PS: I just opened one of my prize packs and got a Sorin >_>


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