foods in madison

Random pictures of food I randomly got/made recently:

At Hilldale Mall, there's a Gigi's Cupcakes there. Jon and I discovered, wow, there's a lot of cool stuff at Hilldale! accidentally when we went to Sushi Muramoto for lunch one day.

This is the red velvet cupcake... yes, half the height is frosting.

Some more pâté chaud I made... slowly getting more like what I'm used to, but still off. I'll need to bother my mom about the recipe next time I'm home :)

The next Hilldale place Jon and I tried was Dumpling Haus. From the name, you'd think of a German-style food shop, with something like chicken & dumplings... but nope, it's a bona fide Chinese sit-down place with ridiculously good food. The lower-left bao is barbecue pork, while the other two off-white ones are closer to Vietnamese style, with pork and vegetables.

And finally, Jon's meal at Dumpling Haus, noodle soup with pork ribs and wontons. The wontons were extra, otherwise this was like $9 and he could barely finish it! The ribs are the same kind my family makes for barbecue with bún (cold rice vermicelli) in the summers, so I certainly want to try it next time I go.

I also got an order of pork su mai (they call it shaomai, also called shumai), but it was kind of… boring? It tasted fine, but it was just ground pork steamed in dumpling wrap with some scallions. No vegetables or anything, so not as good as the kind at dim sum.


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