zombie apocalypse!

So, at today’s I’m Board draft, where we did an odd DKA-DKA-ISD draft (no one knows why), I drafted a pretty hilarious theme deck – zombies! I certainly passed a lot of good/better spells merely because there was a combo card in the pack to take instead :P

Swamp x8, Island x5, Forest x2, Evolving Wilds, Grim Backwoods

Gravecrawler, Dead Weight

Think Twice, Mayor of Avabruck, Highborn Ghoul

Armored Skaab, Headless Skaab, Secrets of the Dead, Chosen of Markov, Markov Patrician, Reap the Seagraf x2, Tribute to Hunger, Ghoulraiser

Galvanic Juggernaut, Briarpack Alpha

Farbog Boneflinger x2, Relentless Skaabs Death's Caress, Morkrut Banshee

Geistcatcher's Rig, Zombie Apocalypse

Noteworthy cards not in the deck: Bitterheart Witch, Curse of Misfortunes, Curse of Thirst, Curse of Oblivion. If I had gotten the Curse of the Bloody Tome on the wheel, I definitely would have played it. Deranged Outcast was taken pretty early as well (2nd pick Briarpack Alpha, didn’t see much green after that). Increasing Ambition also didn’t make the cut.

You bet your burgers I shouted out “ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!” every time I played it ;) It even won me a game, getting back Relentless Skaabs and Farbog Boneflinger while killing off Gatstaf Shepherd and Woodland Sleuth to stabilize at 6 life :D


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