packrat crafting

So I’m pretty good about keeping stuff people would classify as “trash.” For example, empty packs of trading cards. But, I keep them for a good reason, I swear! I like to decorate my plain cardboard card boxes with clippings from the packs, for example!

My small box up there I’ve had for a long time (as you can probably infer from the really old packs I used, Scourge (2002) and Fifth Dawn (2004). I recently added the Scars of Mirrodin pack, to complement the Etched Oracle with Etched Champion. Too bad there wasn’t a pack featuring Etched Monstrosity in New Phyrexia :(

My other box has been undecorated for a while, but I picked up a couple packs of Twilight of the Dragons (WoW TCG) cheap 1-2 months ago, so I used my 1337 scissors skills to arrange the two packs so that the art sort of matched. I think it turned out quite well!

In other news, I attended the casual draft at I’m Board today. Not only did Everett show up, which was pretty cool, we also got 16 people, which is a landslide record! I think there were 3+ new DCI signups as well, which is great for Bryan’s store. I didn’t open anything spectacular yet again, picking up a Moonveil Dragon for my set, a Grafdigger’s Cage on a pass, and a couple dollar rares that I didn’t end up playing (Flayer of the Hatebound, Alpha Brawl). Second pick Diregraf Ghoul put me into Dimir, although I didn’t really get many zombies, just a Screeching Skaab, couple Headless Skaabs, and a Relentless Skaabs (I thought Wizards was going to stop naming creature cards after groups of creatures >.> @Llanowar Elves). I had 2 Tragic Slips, 2 Griptides, and a Death’s Caress for my removal alongside a Wolfhunter’s Quiver, and somehow picked up yet another pair of Tower Geists (the card is SO GOOD) as well as double Vengeful Vampires, double Nephalia Seakites, double Soul Seizers (yes, triple Dark Ascension is ridiculous). Still haven’t seen the mono-Drogskol Captain deck yet, though. I somehow end up playing blue in every draft, though…


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