dark ascension prerelease

This last weekend was the Dark Ascension prerelease. I was in Minnesota visiting my folks for Chinese new year, so I ended up playing sealed at Legion Games. Unfortunately, I also broke my midnight prerelease streak :( if you’re going to say I’m not hardcore enough because I didn’t want to play at midnight after working 8 hours then driving 4 hours… you’d be right~

Saturday: I thought I opened the nuts, getting both Sorin, Lord of Innistrad and Bloodline Keeper along with some pretty decent removal in black and white (Dead Weight, Smite the Monstrous, Burden of Guilt, Avacynian Priest, Death’s Caress) and solid creatures, but I ended up going 2-2. I started off strong, with a 2-0 on the meat of my deck alone (didn’t see Sorin, Bloodline Keeper, or Skirsdag Flayer at all), but then made a pretty huge misplay in game 3 of my 3rd match. I was ahead with a Galvanic Juggernaut and Avacynian Priest, while my opponent had no creatures. My hand was Silverchase Fox, Death’s Caress, and a sandbag land. My opponent plays a Soul Seizer. I attack with my Juggernaut, putting him to 11, then Death’s Caress the ghost to untap my Juggernaut. He plays a Thraben Heretic and Sharpened Pitchfork, equipping on the same turn. I topdeck Avacyn’s Collar and throw it on my Juggernaut. He declines the block, going to 5… that all-powerful magic number 5… and plays Thraben Doomsayer. I should have been more patient, holding back the Death’s Caress and just taking the Soul Seizer, playing and saccing my Silverchase Fox if/when he chose to Mind Control one of my guys. This would leave me with Death’s Caress for anything he played (i.e. Thraben Doomsayer). Even if I were scared of the ghost, I could always tap it with my priest. Then, round 4, I play the guy with 8 removal spells, all 3 games he has turn 6 Blood Feud to wreck me. Sigh… ah well.

Sunday: Opposite of the previous day, I open a pretty unimpressive pool, a couple bombs but no real removal in relevant colors… and end up going 3-1 with my desperation deck. The match I lost was against a guy who had… many bombs in his deck, so I didn’t feel that bad (Black Mikaeus, Curse of Death’s Hold, Daybreak Ranger). My “removal” spells were Burden of Guilt, Silent Departure, Hollowhenge Spirit, and Dungeon Geists. Oh, I guess Bone to Ash, too -_- Yep, sad stuff. Basically a rehash of GP Minneapolis: Zendikar. I played a 19-creature, 16-land deck that was hyperaggressive, relying on crappy tricks like Curiosity + Invisible Stalker (over the infinitely more playable Silverchase Fox + Think Twice) to randomly win games with him and Elder Cathar. (That was the only reason I played Invisible Stalker. I could have played a Heavy Mattock too, but then I’d have to resign every game where I play it out of shame.) I did win a couple games solely from Geist-Honored Monk (first time ever getting her in limited!), but mostly just super-aggro’d people out (T2 Gather the Townsfolk into Niblis of the Mist, equip Inquisitor’s Flail on a flyer, suicide creatures to play Skaab Goliath, random stuff like that). I definitely ended 3+ games with Skaab Ruinator in my hand, 1 creature away from casting, but also 1 turn away from winning anyway…

If you want to check out my pools, I’m pretty confident I picked the right colors (BW for Saturday, UW for Sunday), but I’m definitely interested in hearing any thoughts!

dka_prerelease (DOCX file)


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