i’m still here… technically…

Just felt like I’ve been neglecting my blog, so here’s a random post.

The main reason for my absence I shall explain in vague detail. I was employed at a large, private company for the last 3-4 years, but was asked to resign by my newlyish-assigned manager last June. Without going into specifics, I did the research and determined it would indeed be best for me to resign (for none of the reasons he gave me), and have been unemployed for the last 6-7 months. After lots of fruitless job applications, I finally hit the “jackpot” when not 1, but 2 (!) companies scheduled interviews for me in the same week. Both were local (Madison, WI), so when I got a job offer from one and the other decided to pursue a different candidate, I started my new job within the week, on Friday the 13th (cue ominous sound clip).

Adjusting my schedule to a regular, working schedule kind of takes a lot out of you when you’ve been living like a bum for 6 months :) Since I’m not ready to get up at 6 AM in order to have more time to myself, I basically rolled out of bed and into the shower at 7:15, drove to work, then head home around 6:00, eat dinner, play some video games, and go to bed. Nothing all that exciting, and didn’t really feel like I had a ton of blogging time (or content).

So, what is going on these days… I’m still working on the Totori Platinum trophy, which is nearing completion. The biggest concern there was getting the 500,000 cole trophy, which, when all I’m doing is buying Spring Cups and then looting them (10 at a time, 6 charges each) to sell the contents, it’s hard to play for long periods of time :s I should be able to get everything now, though, even tonight if I am industrious enough.

As my anime post indicated, I’m watching about 15 shows right now. Cutting out commercial time and because they’re half-hour programs, that’s about 5 hours of anime per week, which I think isn’t that bad, compared to some people who watch American TV for 2-5 hours per night. I mean, I’m not exactly doing anything more productive instead, so whatever :)

I’ve been trying to get a gaming group going with Adam, but have thus far not been able to actually gather the people to kick it off. I’m Board got a shipment of green Fantasy Flight sleeves, so I was able to sleeve up my Dunwich Horror expansion for Arkham Horror and hope to start the group off with an Arkham session.

Future plans… once I save some money back up, there are some manga volumes I’ll need to buy (Bakuman, Negima) or continue buying (Hayate), some anime and video games I want to buy to support the industry, and flesh out my board game stuff (more Arkham expansions, maybe branch out and get a new game). Lots of money spending I want to do, and now that I have income I can do it! Hooray for capitalism!


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