in the world of shana, your title dictates your awesomeness

Shana 3: Final is well underway, with all 300 new characters sporting complex, mythological sounding names and impressive 6 meter-long titles. Eclipse must have an easy time with the script, what with 75% of the dialog being these characters spouting off their companions’ e-mail signature lines. Reminds me of the e-mails I used to get from doctors:


Thanks for the reply.


John Smith, PhD

Chief Director of Some Organization

Member of a Board of More PhD Holders

Optometrist, Dermatologist, Chiropractor, Other -ologies that I can perform

XYZ Hospital


City, State, ZIP

Front desk phone number

Primary office phone number

Secondary office phone number

Pager number

E-mail address

Also, here’s a neat, 15 paragraph quote I quite enjoy


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