the life of a ptq attendee

2011/11/4, 5:45 PM – depart Madison, WI with Matt B. and Adam

2011/11/4, 10:00 PM – arrive Burnsville, MN

2011/11/5, 9:00 AM – arrive Legion Games, Burnsville, MN

2011/11/5, 10:00 AM – seating for deck registration begins

2011/11/5, 11:00 AM – round 1 pairings are posted

2011/11/5, 4:15 PM – I, Matt B., and Adam all drop with 3-2 records

2011/11/5, 5:00 PM – arrive Hong Kong Noodles, Minneapolis, MN

2011/11/5, 5:50 PM – depart Minneapolis, MN

2011/11/5, 9:45 PM – arrive Madison, WI

I’ll get to the actual event recap tomorrow, probably. But man, did I do a lot of driving in the last 2 days… Punting a match really sucks though.


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