survival techniques

I haven’t done a Hayate panel in a while, but this week’s chapter had this gem I had to share. Also, coincidentally, I recently swapped “homeless people” stories with Matt S recently, so I can recount some of them.

At GenCon this year, lots of homeless people were camped outside the convention center with signs asking for free Magic cards. I guess there’s a higher chance of getting those, so you might be able to gather a ton and then sell them in bulk or something? Ben at Misty buys 1000 for $4-5 or so.

When we went to Kansas City for Nationals in I think it was 2009, it was Alan, Matt S, and I. We were wandering outside looking for a place to eat, I think, when we were approached by a man likely of African descent. He started a conversation with the ever-attention grabbing words of “Excuse me. So, I just got out of jail, and…”, followed up by asking for some cash for a bus ticket. Naturally, we all stopped slowly walking away, took out our wallets, and pooled together a small sum. Quite the awkward situation, but makes for a good conversation piece!

We were in downtown Minneapolis, I believe for Nationals 2010, when an average white male with a backpack came up to us (can’t remember who I was with) and said “Could you help me for a sec? It’s my first time being homeless, and…”; he was asking for directions to some homeless accommodating facility or something. I answered with “No, sorry,” but really wanted to say “Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve never been homeless, so I wouldn’t know. Good luck!”

There’s another story where Matt W and I were meeting Matt S in downtown Chicago for lunch, and someone approached us, which ended up asking for giveouts. Matt S breezed right past him, but W and I stopped to hear him out. In our defense, he wasn’t poorly dressed, so we assumed he was going to ask for directions…

I do remember once, in college, the network went down for a whole day. Some time later, we were in Physics class and the professor told us the reason for the outage was a group of hobos under the Washington Ave. bridge made a fire, and it burned through the cables running underneath the bridge. Damn hobos!


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