sometimes, bombs are just “meh”

Just got back from FNM. I’ll give full disclosure by alerting you that, yes, this is a complaining post, but yes, I still finished 2nd in my draft pod.

First off, I would be very much richer if I just opened the packs I brought instead of playing with them. First pack: foil Past in Flames. Second pack: Mikaeus, the Lunarch. Third pack: Garruk Relentless. Gross. Fortune did not smile upon any other packs in the pod, so I ended up redrafting the Past in Flames and a Hinterland Harbor. Certainly not a horrible pickup, but not exactly exciting either.

My deck was kind of a mess, I started out in white/blue, but, in pack 2, got passed a pack with bad white cards, no blue cards, and a Brimstone Volley. Picked it up, then got passed another empty WU pack, but with a Rage Thrower. Grabbed a Shimmering Grotto for the potential red splash, then ended up switching completely into red for my secondary and then taking the Garruk in pack 3. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good 2-drops, but decided to play a pretty aggressive deck.

Bye in the first round, got somewhat card screwed in games 1 & 3 vs. Sam Black, but game 2 was able to get the nuts going with T2 Mikaeus, T4 Garruk, T7 Rage Thrower, pump my guys. 3rd round against local legend Jasper, I had a bad game 1 when I was on the play, he got a T1 Reckless Waif T2 Ashmouth Hound with removal backup and I went down quickly. Game 2 went pretty long, but I was able to get enough 2-for-1s to come out ahead with creatures on board when he had nothing and was top-decking. Game 3, Jasper unfortunately ended up mulling to 4 and I (finally) had my aggressive curve-out hand.

Here’s my deck:

Shimmering Grotto, Forest, Mountain x8, Plains x7


Silverchase Fox, Mikaeus, the Lunarch, Bonds of Faith, Harvest Pyre, Moment of Heroism

Elder Cathar x2, Voiceless Spirit x2, Kessig Wolf, Feral Ridgewolf x2, Brimstone Volley

Thraben Sentry x2, Abbey Griffin, Slayer of the Wicked, Garruk Relentless

Pitchburn Devils

Geistcatcher’s Rig, Into the Maw of Hell


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