milk warning!

I’d like to issue a warning to the Midwest, specifically if you shop at Cub Foods. I usually get the Cub-brand half gallons of 1% milk, since it’s cheaper than the other brands. The last two containers of milk I’ve bought have both become rancid well before the “Sell By” date. If you browse Google looking for definitions of expiration dates, the general understanding is that “Sell By” means the store has to either sell or get rid of it before the date listed. The actual freshness of the product should last beyond that date, with the length of time dependent on the product.

However, today is September 17th. My milk has a “Sell By” date of September 18th. It’s been smelling rancid for the last 3-4 days. At first, I thought maybe I was sick and couldn’t smell right, so I just didn’t drink it and put it out of my mind. Today, I’m feeling pretty healthy and was going to give it a shot. Today, it smells even worse than it did before. Two weeks ago, I experienced the same thing, but, since the “Sell By” date was still 3-4 days into the future, I used it anyway. I cooked some instant pasta that needed milk; I figured if I boiled it, it should be OK. The next day, I felt decently sick.

Cub, I’m not sure what happened with your milk, but I ain’t buying it anymore.


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