the reality of sket

With episode 24 of Sket Dance, we get into one of the story arcs that, to me, really makes the series shine. Sket Dance is typically about a school club of 3 people who get into all these crazy situations with schoolmates or just in general. However, it’s rooted in a pretty solid setting of reality, despite all the weird games, fantastic chemicals, and various inventions. If you’ve been watching this show and are wondering why these 3 people, Fujisaki Yusuke, Usui Kazuyoshi, and Onizuke Hime, are in a club together when they’re so different, this (probably short) arc will start explaining it a bit. I think it’s impressive that the author, Shinohara Kenta, is able to write such a diametric story, where you go from wacky fun and games to dead serious drama between one chapter and the next. Wikipedia says that the series has announced 39 episodes; I hope they cover the back stories for all the main characters, at least!

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