steins;gate finale

With Disgaea 4, I’ve failed to keep up with most of the anime I was watching prior to its release. However, I did at least keep up with Steins;Gate, which ended this week. This is a pretty standard science fiction story, specifically dealing with time travel, and I think the anime handles it very well. The “twist/reveal” at the end of episode 23 was quite epic, I must say, and it kind of made the rest of the series completely worthwhile. I admit that the show was oftentimes above my understanding or just kind of loitering, but I feel like, in hindsight, that may have been intentional, and the end justified the journey. I have my own thoughts/reservations on the final ending, but I will keep them to myself so that you may enjoy the last episode, which is without a doubt executed very well.

I will note that I did not play the visual novel, so I can’t really comment on the adaptation thing or how one version is better than the other stuff. I haven’t even gotten around to getting more than 30 minutes into Chaos;Head, so that’ll be first on my list anyway :)


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