how novel!

This week’s Mayo Chiki shows that, sometimes, romantic comedies actually have real honest-to-goodness romance too!

A lot of the high school romance/comedy anime these days just revolve around a ridiculously dense male building up his harem, then the show ends with him none the wiser and no relationships in sight. I can’t actually cite any specific show at the moment, so that might be a big fat lie >_< but I like that, in Mayo Chiki, even though the setting is more or less completely ridiculous, Jirou actually acts as a reasonable person might when put into that situation: he isn’t actively interested in any of the girls because of his gynophobia, but he somewhat realizes that his relationship with them isn’t normal and spends time thoughtfully trying to figure it out. Aside from him, both Konoe and Masamune, and even Suzutsuki to a smaller degree, have honest-to-goodness real, normal reasons to have fallen in love with him and vie for his favor. That isn’t to say that wild, ridiculous reasons don’t have their place, or long and involved backstories, but, in the world of anime, it’s nice from time to time to not have to suspend belief in order to accept a setting.

EDIT: Also, this episode has giant plushie sheep. THUMBS UP.

PS: I’m talking about other shows with the same wacky type of setting (MM! comes to mind, Ladies x Butler, Infinite Stratos, etc.), not shows that are deliberately about relationships and typically based on VNs (Kanon, Clannad).


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