ludicrous weapons

In preparation for Disgaea 3’s DLC going on sale tomorrow and Disgaea 4’s impending release, I’ve been trying to finish up what I can in Disgaea 3 base. Part of that involves finding ludicrous weapons using the Puppy Paw Stick and Magichanged monsters in rank 40 item Item World…

Check that shit out! And I even got a more powerful sword than that, just now…

Too bad these weapons are pretty glitchy, my lvl 200 Baal Sword somehow gives me more ATK still :/ oh well, they still look cool!

EDIT: So there’s a real reason that my Baal Sword has more ATK… weapon mastery innocents don’t work for MCG weapons, so, since a lvl 500 Fencer gives a 500% bonus to all stats on the weapon (resulting in 6x), my 1.9 million ATK turns into 11.4 million ATK, which is then further modified by having all rank 0 items (x1.3) and by aptitude (seen above, 205%). So, I do indeed lose some attack power with the MCG weapon. However, I get tons of other stats, so it’s definitely worth using if I feel I need to survive at least 1 turn :x

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