gencon 2011 – the recap

Today is Monday, August 8th, 2011, a.k.a. The Day After GenCon. This year’s trip was more filled out than last year’s, since I left the day before (Wednesday morning) and returned the day after (got back home a few hours ago). Last year, we left for Indy after lunch on Thursday, arriving Thursday evening, then made the return trip around 2pm Sunday. However, since I am now one of the newly unemployed, I figured… no reason not to take the full trip and not feel rushed at the convention. Also, since everyone except Adam and Sara flew, that also helped point me to the driving group :)

I’m still unwinding from the trip, cleaning up my apartment after tearing it apart getting stuff together for the trip, so I’ll just post a quick recap here, then make additional posts later going into more details on particular events/happenings at GenCon.

  • Eldrazi Green performed quite well over the weekend; Alan went 3-1 in Nationals (but dropped after doing poorly in the draft portion), Matt had a total record of 18-3, winning the GPT, a win-a-box, splitting another win-a-box, and I finished 3-1, splitting a win-a-box, then dropping second round of another win-a-box (Bant Pod; wasn’t familiar with the deck, so I boarded wrong :( ).
  • I got pretty wrecked at M12 limited, losing first round in 2 drafts and going 1-2/1-1 in two sealed events. All my draft decks were good/solid, I just got the dumbest draws and lost to players playing bad cards (Taste of Blood, not even to activate Bloodthirst? Really?). I got to the finals of one draft, but the kid didn’t want to split and beat me solely because I drew none of my multiple removal spells while he suited up his Griffin Sentinel with no less than 3 Auras (2x Divine Favor + Dark Favor) and was always one step ahead of me in terms of topdecks (drew the O-ring the turn after I drew Naturalize, I was waiting to bait him into attacking to nuke an aura).
  • Pastimes is as horrible at running events as ever. One surly judge receiving results and being more or less completely unhelpful (“You don’t know your pod number?” *glare*; “You can’t split the finals. I need a winner and a loser. If you ID, it’s 3 packs each.”), one person taking drafts and win-a-boxes, one person taking other side events, 3 people standing around in the back doing nothing or gaily chatting, constantly short on judges somehow. They didn’t even make up for anything by having an End-of-Con sale at their booth.
  • I actually took pictures of the cosplay this time. That’ll come in another post.
  • Friday morning, Matt was able to buy Treespeakers for $1 each. The next day, I could not find any for less than $2. Not wanting to spend $8 on a card I threw away in bunches way back when, I ran a jankier version of Eldrazi Green instead (worked out fine, except that I missed on Explore like 3 times, which was somewhat irritating, but I still won that win-a-box pod).
  • Indianapolis has the best burgers ever. Local Legendary @ Hard Rock Cafe + French Onion Burger at Champps = A+++.
  • Yay for End-of-Con sales: got Ascension base + Return of the Fallen + 4 promos for $65! (retail is $40 base, $30 expansion, $5 for Leprechaun pack, $2 for other promos = $81) I’ll have to pick up sleeves from Misty sometime, provided they haven’t sold out. Also, I played Return of the Fallen for the first time on Saturday night. GREAT expansion, completely builds on the base game and makes it way better.

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