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So the two mystery cards from my last post are Platinum Emperion in the main and Pelakka Wurm in the board. Platinum Emperion won me 2 games yesterday, which helped lead to a 4-1-1 finish at the SCG Super IQ in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, my tiebreakers were pretty bad, so I placed 10th, and my last round opponent, with whom I unintentionally drew, finished 9th.

Becker played a similar deck at 3 events over the weekend, a FNM, the PTQ in Boston, and a TCQ today. He sported a 10-3-1 record overall (pending TCQ results), claiming that Emperion won him 3 matches (yes, matches, not games). His deck is playing Green’s Sun Zenith over a 2nd Solemn, and 2 Emrakuls instead of a Kozilek, Forests instead of Gardens or the singleton Island, and a rather different board (4 Nature’s Claims, 2 Slimes, Wurmcoil over 3 Spellskites).

My games were against BU infect (loss), GU infect (win), Valakut (win), Jund (win), Vampires (win), and UW Control (draw). The BU infect loss was because both games he had a ridiculous start and I couldn’t go off quick enough. First game he went turn 2 Plague Stinger, Virulent Swipe + rebound, then Distortion Strike + rebound. 3+3+2+2 = 10 :( Game 2, he landed a Blighted Agent and equipped Livewire Lash for a turn until I Slimed it, but then landed back-to-back Hand of the Praetors, playing a Plague Stinger along with the second one to finish me off.

GU infect, she never got enough pump or any evasion creatures, so I was able to fend off the initial rush with a Simulacrum and Battlement, then I went off with Titans, sneaking in an Emrakul. Game 2, I got an early Spellskite followed by a second Spellskite after she naturalized one. After that, she just didn’t get anything relevant, so I landed another Emrakul to win.

The first game against Valakut had my favorite play of the tournament :) I had 2 Edges, Eye of Ugin, 6 other random lands, 2 Battlements, an Amulet, 2 Titans, and a tapped Emrakul on board, with 8 life. He has 3 Valakuts, 4 Mountains, a Titan, 6 3/4 plant tokens, Avenger, and a Cobra in play, and he has 8 life. He declares his attack, swinging with the team. I declare no response to the Titan trigger. He fetches 2 Mountains. I ask him, “All right, so you’ve got 6 Valakut triggers. Are they all aimed at me?” He responds, “Yep, all at your head.” “OK, response.” I tap 7 land + Eye of Ugin, grabbing Platinum Emperion, then tap both Battlements and Amulet, putting it into play. “No blocks.” He reclines while grinning, “That’s awesome.” The rest of the match was pretty uneventful; he went off really really early in game 2, probably a turn 6 kill (I redirected 4 Valakut triggers to Spellskite, taking 8 damage instead, 6 from Titan. He lays a 7th Mountain post-combat), then I got a turn 5 Emrakul game 3 (turn 3 Amulet, turn 4 Survival for Emrakul).

Jund was a pretty fun, interactive match for me, although my opponent was frustrated as hell. He was able to Lavamancer + Bolt + Dismember my initial plays of Lotus Cobra into Overgrown Battlement + Fauna Shaman, but I trapped in a Titan, fetched and hardcasted an Ulamog, then trapped another Titan when he was swinging with Grave Titan + 2 zombies + Solemn + Cobra with open mana and his Lavamancer online (I’m at 7), fetching 2 Gardens to take zero combat damage. I draw and pass, his EOT fetching Emrakul. I currently have 12 mana; he scratches his head; I attacked with Titan, grabbed Eye of Ugin, then dropped a fetchland and cast Emrakul. He scoops (says he miscounted my mana). Second game, he had a turn 3 Duress to knock out an Amulet, seeing Emperion and Baloth. I topdeck another Amulet, then turn 4 the Emperion, followed by a Spellskite + Island. He apparently only had 1 real out in his deck (Beast Within) for Emperion. He lays a Garruk2, followed by a Grave Titan next turn, to draw 6. 2 turns later, he draws another 6, killing Garruk. No dice. In the meantime, I Titan for Eye of Ugin, then get the mana to fetch Emrakul. He told me that, of his 12 draws from Garruk, 8 were land.

Vampires was pretty uneventful. The guy is running maindeck Manic Vandal, so he nukes my turn 3 Amulet. I’m still able to land a Titan and fetch+cast Emrakul. Second game, I get a turn 1 Garden, turn 2 Spellskite, which he Vandals, then turn 4 Amulet. At some point I topdeck Emrakul; he attempts a Crush, but it’s too late, I lay Emrakul in response. He has the Gatekeeper, but my little plant foils him, so he can’t lay it. Both games he did get me below 10, though, so his clock was just too slow.

UW Control will be a more interesting story to write up, so I’ll take my time and do it later :)


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