m12 sealed – w/u skies still > all

So yesterday, I played in the M12 Launch Party at Legion Games out in Burnsville, MN. I was visiting my family back in MN, so I got to check out the new store. It’s kind of in a dumpy area, but so was the old store. The parking situation seems a bit sketchy for stuff like PTQs, but I think I remember seeing a “Add’l parking in the back” sign. It’s a bit further from Cty Rd 42 and all those food options, although there is a Taco Bell, a Famous Daves, and a great local Chinese place called House of Wu nearby.

Here is the sealed pool I opened. I’m quite confident I built the best deck with the following list:

Alabaster Mage
Arbalest Elite
Archon of Justice
Griffin Rider x2
Griffin Sentinel x2
Oblivion Ring
Pacifism x2
Peregrine Griffin
Stormfront Pegasus x2
Aven Fleetwing
Chasm Drake
Mind Unbound
Negate x2
Phantasmal Dragon
Sphinx of Ulthuun
Swiftfoot Boots
Glacial Fortress [foil]

I know the Griffin Riders are a bit sketchy, but since I had 3 griffins and was already going for skies, I didn’t think the bulky Mastodon or Harbor Serpent would really fit well with my deck, and I didn’t want to maindeck 3 Negates. I could see a case for Crumbling Colossus, but I’m not sure Wizards could have possibly printed a better Act of Treason target; I have played against people playing the Colossus, and was never concerned with it on the field.

I wish I had some good stories to recount, but I went 4-0, 8-1 on games, losing only to a bad tap-out (I equipped Swiftfoot Boots on my Griffin Sentinel+Greatsword when I had Alabaster Mage out. If I hadn’t equipped, I’d have had 2 mana open for either lifelinking or Negate, the latter which would’ve prevented my loss to Fireball). Every other game consisted of me playing flyers and beating down, or me curving Griffin Rider > Griffin Sentinel > Phantasmal Drake > Archon of Justice. One longer game had me drop a Mind Unbound into Sphinx of Ulthuun with Negate backup… that was kind of gross. I didn’t hurt that my last 2 opponents both mulled on both games and got stuck on land. However, it was a 20-man pod, so I got paired down in the last round and negotiated a bad split (the prize split would either be 8-1 or 4-4), going with a 5-4 split. I should’ve either declined a split or pushed for a 6-3/7-2, since I was the one with the power.

Also, there were 2 RW decks in the pool with Chandra+Gideon. Pretty sick rips for them, I’m slightly miffed that I didn’t really get any money.


2 thoughts on “m12 sealed – w/u skies still > all

  1. How was Mind Unbound? I’d be a little wary of it killing me at the rate it draws cards. Would you take it highly in draft?

    Was Phantasmal Drake worth it?

    Was Auramancer worth it?

  2. Mind Unbound only made it out once, and it basically let me maintain my advantage. I had the option of playing Sphinx or it on 8 land, and I was already ahead, so I went for Mind in case he had a counter; if he didn’t, or let it pass, then it’d be easier to draw the land/Negate to protect Sphinx. I think playing it when you’re at 2-3 cards in hand is worth it, especially with a high-evasion deck like I had. I would probably take it mid-pack if I was in blue with a deck that benefits from drawing cards (counterspells/removal, evasion creatures).

    Drake is always worth it to me. It eats removal early, since 5 damage is huge, which might save your higher drops, or draws out combat tricks. The mage cycle can only target creatures you control, so there are only a couple cases where it’s a dead card (Lawmaker, Alluring Siren, Bangchuckers?). It’s only 1 more mana than Illusionary Servant from M10, but has a huge body, and Servant was played heavily in limited.

    Auramancer once got me back a Pacifism from a Fling, once it ran around with a Greatsword fending off various X/4-5s, and once it was just the extra creature to get around his blockers when he was at 1 life. Crumbling Colossus would probably have been more relevant in most situations.

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