mistaken angel!

This week’s Sket Dance finally debuts one of my favorite characters from the manga, Dante the shy poser! I think his style of character comes out a lot better in anime than in manga, as opposed to J-Son-sensei, whose story in the first half of the episode seemed less effective than it was in the manga.

Dante is a “visual kei” fan, which is a subgenre of Japanese-style rock where the visual style of the band members is of equal importance to the music; they typically dress extremely flamboyantly, something a bit similar to the band KISS. He enjoys acting the part as well, which does not blend well with his innate introvertedness. This results in pretty much everything he does involving inordinate amounts of posing, and all of his words being elaborate metaphors for what he really means to say. Except in the particular instance where he first meets the Sket-dan, of course :)

Here’s a closer picture of Dante… explaining his favorite movie, hah.

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