most addicting app ever

Just downloaded the Ascension app this morning… goddamn thing is way too addicting. I’m almost afraid my iPhone is in danger of overheating.

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer is a deckbuilding card game partially designed by Brian Kibler of Magic pro game. Every player starts out with a deck of 2 Militia and 8 Apprentices, the former providing power and the latter providing runes. Power is used to defeat monsters, runes are used to purchase heroes and constructs. Defeating monsters gives you honor, and each hero/construct you buy is worth a certain amount of honor. Some cards also give you honor when you play them. Whenever you buy a card, it goes into your discard pile. When your deck is depleted, you shuffle your discard pile and use it as your new deck; this is how you get to use the cards you purchased. Depending on the number of players, whenever the “table” honor (honor gained from defeating monsters or awarded from playing cards) is gone, you finish the current cycle of turns, then count up your total honor between your deck of cards and whatever you’ve earned.

It’s a very simple game, but the strategies are pretty varied. There are 3 different types of heroes/constructs, mechana, void, and lifebound, and each one tends to have different attributes. In addition, you can always buy Heavy Infantry and Mystics for 2 and 3 rune each, both worth 1 honor each, and providing 2 of power/rune, an upgrade over your default Militia and Apprentices.

The app is $5 on the Apple App Store, and worth every cent, especially to support the makers of this great game. The expansion for the physical card game just came out recently, so I hope they’ll add that to the app soon!


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