true ending achieved!

FINALLY beat Persona 4, this time for reals. After TWO fake/unsatisfying endings, I gave up and looked up how to unlock the true ending, only to get utterly annihilated by the “true” end boss and end up having to grind a bunch. My ultimate-weapon Persona ended up being less ultimate than I thought, too. I was able to fuse a Helel that had Repel Ice and Repel Elec, so I had Str vs. melee, Null fire, and Reflect all other elements. It’s useful against the last boss’s first form, but that was the form I didn’t have trouble with anyway. The difference was having Trumpeter with Marakukaja, Matarukaja, and Debilitate. I mean, it was my own fault for playing on Expert mode, but Debilitate is like… absolutely required for the last boss, which is somewhat ridiculous. There are like 3 Personas in the whole game who can get the ability, so if you never randomly picked it up, sucks to be you!

I should expand on the fake/unsatisfying ending bit a little… Imagine watching a mystery movie (say the new Sherlock Holmes, since I saw that recently), and you see the villain get defeated/caught, but the detective doesn’t explain how anything was done. So it’s like, you see Lord Blackwood killing people with “magic,” you see Holmes beat him without explaining anything, and then the movie ends. Somewhat of a downer, right? Persona is even worse, because it gets really close when you go through the “good ending,” but there’s just a little bit left that’s unexplained. Stuff where you don’t really notice unless you stop and think about it. Worse yet, you unlock the true ending while you’re in the middle of the good ending. And it’s not an obvious choice or anything, it’s like, “You’ve met everyone you needed to meet. Do you want to go home?”, and if you answer “Yes” then you’ve just shot yourself in the foot.

Anywho, not sure if I’m going to start another RPG next (I recently got Atelier Rorona and Trinity Universe, plus I never played Cross Edge) or do some more power leveling in Disgaea 3. I should probably play more Demon’s Souls too, but probably not gonna happen.

EDIT: I should add that my final playtime for Persona 4 for the true ending was around 80 hours………


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