twgok s2 ep 11

So The World God Only Knows season 2 is quickly approaching its finale with the capture of Nagase Jun! From the preview at the end, the final episode is titled “Summer Wars” (or “Samaa Uozu” if you want to learn katakana), which is interesting since it references chapter 75 of the manga, which was run significantly after the Jun arc (chapter 41). Unless I missed one, here are the other sidestory chapters that haven’t been animated yet prior to chapter 75: Chapter 34 [Demolish the Bricks], Chapter 35 [The Dawn of Something], Chapter 42 [A Demon That’s Tiny = The Little Devil!], and Chapter 56 [Re-“Clean”-ion] (credit to Red Hawk Scans for the chapter titles, not sure if they came in English or what).

I’m not going to search if there’s a synopsis for the final episode, since I’m going to watch it next week anyway, so allow me to just go off on conjecture here. The chapter Summer Wars itself doesn’t really make sense to get animated right now, since The Dawn of Something actually provides part of the background for that chapter. It’s very possible that they’d make it another two-parter, but I feel like the content is pretty bland, so I really hope not. It would be half-fake documentary, half-Keima’s delusions… I would much rather they do Demolish the Bricks or A Demon That’s Tiny, since those are both actual character episodes rather than random rantings. They cannot do Re-“Clean”-ion since it references captures Keima hasn’t performed yet in the anime, otherwise all the other sidestory chapters I cited are either independent or can pretty safely be done now.

I’m definitely still very hopeful for a season 3 announcement at the end of the season 2 finale. I’ve chanced upon some other blog/forum posts that also believe the Tenri/Diana art is a big indicator. If there is another season, it would almost have to be a 24-episode season, otherwise they’d have to cut it short of Tenri’s arc *again*, meaning that would necessitate a fourth season to fulfill the spoiler/foreshadow.

Anyway, what’s coming up will be Tsukiyo, followed by the Yukie arc, then Minami, then personal favorite Four Girls and an Idol, which would hopefully set up the Goddess arc for the future. Finally, they could lead in with Re-“Clean”-ion, to introduce Nora, then finally jump straight into Tenri/Diana’s arc. If they kept it to another 12-episode season, we could probably see through Four Girls and an Idol, which wouldn’t be the worst place to end a season, but then that would set up for a strange season 4 opening arc (unless they did animated another arc first, say Sumire’s).

While I do find the Goddess arc one of the most interesting plots I’ve encountered in manga, I do realize that there’s a certain order that’s usually followed in broadcast media. People watching TWGOK expect, to some level, capture arcs, so it may not be the best idea to begin a season with a huge story arc that doesn’t really involve a capture, and also lasts 4-5ish episodes. Especially if they continue with the normal captures immediately after… would be disappointing for a viewer unfamiliar with TWGOK to see something as awesome as the Goddess arc revealed, only to have to settle for the “boring” capture arcs of Rieko, Sumire, and Nanaka.

Anywho, we’ll see what happens during next week’s finale. We can only hope that something good will come at the end. I’m still pretty curious to see what sidestory gets animated, since I kind of don’t think the actual Summer Wars chapter would work at this point. But, I could be wrong!


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