psn freebies up

If you follow video game news at all, you’ll be familiar with the various Sony hacks that have taken place over the last couple months, first and foremost the PSN hack that resulted in pretty much any registered user’s personal information and credit card information being compromised. PSN is finally back up, and Sony has offered a Welcome Back program where all the affected accounts are given 2 PS3 games, 2 PSP games, a free month of PlaystationPlus, and some other random stuff, as an apology and compensation.

The PS3 games offered are inFamous, LittleBigPlanet, Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation, and Wipeout HD + Fury. The PSP games are LittleBigPlanet PSP, Killzone: Liberation, Pursuit Force, and ModNation Racers.

If you frequent Sankaku Complex, you’ve probably seen that Sony has still been getting hacked every other day or so, with various holes in their security being revealed constantly. Sucks for them, I wonder what they did to deserve being targeted so heavily. I mean, I think they sued the guy who hacked the PS3… but that’s pretty much in their rights, I mean they developed the system and hardware, game developers rely on the security of the system to be able to develop games and make back at least the cost and time for development, so someone coming out and publicly saying “Hey, I found a way to bypass the system and can circumvent the game market” is pretty rough.

More information about the Welcome Back program can be found on Sony’s blog.


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