now this is a twgok easter egg!

So I have a certain anime-watching habit, which is to skip the opener and ending and get right to the meat of episodes. Thus, I’ve missed all the gags at the end of Bleach, and sometimes missed (and had to go back to watch) extra episode that’s presented after credits. Thus, I didn’t notice this spoiler at the end of TWGOK2 episode 8 until today, when I figured I’d check out the post-credit picture. I’m a bit surprised that they’d show this particular piece of art for a future character, considering anyone who hasn’t read the manga will be slightly spoiled on Tenri’s character. However, I’d be more surprised if they chose this art when there wasn’t a very good chance of a third season or movie coming up, so I think the prospects are high!

My episode 8 review


3 thoughts on “now this is a twgok easter egg!

  1. I too was shocked when I saw this picture in the preview. I mean, if the anime follows the manga (and adds one or two of the light novel conquests in between), then Tenri won’t appear for a while. I think that the chances of having more episodes went up dramatically when they used this image in the preview.

    Also, episode 8 saw the premiere of Yokkyun!

  2. I did catch Yokkyun, but more or less just skimmed the first half >_< I'm not really a huge fan of the gag episodes/chapters in TWGOK, the ones that focus on him being a NEET/otaku.

    Indeed, I am SO excited for the Goddess arc. I already really liked TWGOK when I first started reading, but Tenri's arc totally blew me out of the water. I've got a couple other posts here about my love for the grand TWGOK story :)

  3. I am also a big fan of Tenri and the Goddess arc. The story is amazing already, but the Goddess arc is (so far) simply incredible!

    I really want someone to license the manga and/or anime for a North American release.

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