already anticipating season 3!

Based on the staff for TWGOK season 2, assuming it’s going to be only 12 episodes again, they’re following the manga and doing the next 4 girls, Kasuga Kusunoki, Kosaka Chihiro, Nagase Jun, and everyone’s favorite demon Haqua. Combined with the various filler chapters (which are better than anime-filler, since the author put them in to actually flesh out the world instead of exploit anime popularity), that about does it. From season 1, we’ve already met Chihiro, and there was a little spoiler for Haqua at the end of episode 12. I really like the seiyuu for Kusunoki and Jun, so hopefully it turns out well.

A little more discussion after the jump…

So, if they continue to do 12 episodes a season, and keep pumping out seasons, following the manga, next would be Tsukiyo, Yukie (Haqua’s buddy), Minami, then a personal favorite mini-arc starting with “Four Girls and an Idol,” then we finally get to the Tenri/Diana major plot arc. Since it’s such a huge arc, if the anime is popular, I could easily see this being done as a standalone movie. If not, I hope either they expand the season length to include the Tenri/Diana arc or definitely continue the series in another season to accommodate it!

In other news, I cropped and cleaned RedHawkScans’ release for Apollo’s full profile, which you can find here. I’m going to work on Diana’s next, which I’m taking from chapter 57. This will take considerably longer, since it looked like she was drawn separately, then cut and inserted over a backdrop. However, this makes it easier to clean since there is a thin white outline between the character and the backdrop. It’ll be a work in progress for a while, since I won’t work on it seriously, but hopefully I can share it soon!

EDIT: That took considerably less time than I thought it would (or I had considerably more motivation to do it now), so here’s Diana’s profile!


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