sprouts – reflecting on twgok

This statement is technically from about a month ago, but the TWGOK plot is getting really interesting. I’ll give you a teaser image with crude MSPaint censoring before delving into details :)

LAST REMINDER: Major plot spoilers if you aren’t reading the manga!

So the huge plot line that will hopefully be covered in season 2 of the anime is the Diana arc. It starts off somewhat normally, Elsee’s sensor goes off on Keima’s old schoolmate, Ayukawa Tenri, who had moved away. However, it’s pretty obvious something’s a bit off. He actually does not try to perform a capture on her, but keeps running into her anyway. As the story progresses, you find out that she and Keima, when they were little, actually witnessed the “Great Spirit Escape” 10 years ago that keeps coming up. Furthermore, Tenri is actually not inhabited by a demon, but a goddess named Diana, one of the beings who originally sealed up all the demons.

After the arc completes, Tenri and Diana infrequently get caught up in the demon capturing, but the goddess plot isn’t majorly touched upon again until “Intrusion in Pajamas,” where we learn about the 6 Jupiter Sisters who sealed Old Hell. It’s pretty amazing how Tamiki Wakaki plants the seeds of story so well. For months, there were so many theory discussion threads about “who could the other goddesses be in?” Each panel in each chapter, new and old, was analyzed for hints on who it could be, given the specific condition “The girl with a goddess will still have memories of you after the runaway spirit has left.”

Over 6 months later, we’re finally given our first glimpse at the master plan in the chapter “Apollo.”

Not only do we finally meet another goddess, but the enemy faction is also finally revealed in a tense exchange. Wakaki pulls the introduction to this arc off wonderfully, throwing bombshells at us left and right! First, in “Apollo,” the focus is completely off Keima as we see the whole chapter from Kanon’s eyes, including her interactions with Apollo. Then, in “Debris of the Sun” and “When the Sun Goes Down,” we find Kanon fearing for her life and finally revealing her recovered memories to Keima, immediately followed by him meeting Apollo, and reaching the climax with Kanon/Apollo getting stabbed with an enchanted dagger by the mysterious figure who hadn’t yet been introduced, Fiore from Vintage, who we learn is a faction of new demons trying to revive Old Hell. They are very emotional chapters as well, as Keima finds himself irrevocably sucked into the “real world” and suffers (temporarily) from guilt and regret for not paying more attention to flags and not being able to protect Kanon.

Thus are we led into the “Search for the goddesses” arc, where Keima plans to, once and for all, seek out the goddesses and save Kanon’s life. I think I mentioned this in one of my past posts, but you can almost taste the pressure in the chapters following Kanon’s stabbing as you watch Keima create and execute his plan, racing against the clock before Kanon’s life ends. After even more crazy plot twists, we finally arrive at the picture at the top, where Keima finally not only finds another goddess, but also awakens her to a new level of power. Tsukiyo is the host for the third goddess, Vulcan.

The latest chapter ends with Diana and Vulcan combining their powers in hopes of being able to cure Kanon’s curse and remove the enchanted dagger. It’s hard to wait for the next chapter to see what new information gets revealed!

PS: Images used here are from scanlations of the manga, slightly cleaned and cropped by me :)


One thought on “sprouts – reflecting on twgok

  1. And then there’s Yui and Shiori more recently, who also have goddesses.

    This is my favorite arc so far. It combines all of my favorite characters–Kanon, Haqua, Yui, Tsukiyo, and Shiori–skillfully and expertly and makes me like all of them even more. XP

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