blog fatigue?

So yeah, no updates on this blog for many moons. Not much to say really, mostly because I haven’t been doing much exciting. I play a lot of WoW, I went out of town for Christmas, I watch various anime, and… that’s about my life right now.

I did have some sort of regular review on anime, but it’s been pretty unexciting this season. Index 2 is pretty awesome, but I feel it’s more self-explanatory, if you watch it you understand what’s going on, and if you don’t, I don’t want to spoil the plot, so can’t do much there. TWGOK was pretty good, but it followed the manga quite well, so I didn’t feel a need to add anything more. Hopefully the “2nd season” (i.e. continuation) will continue the quality, or hopefully improve it. I did pick up Full Metal Panic and Fumoffu on Bluray and have been watching that. Highly recommended watch.

No upcoming movies I’m interested in except Green Lantern, which hasn’t had a ton of news. There’s been news on the Spiderman reboot (Emma Stone is playing Gwen Stacy), but, other than that, I haven’t heard much.

My time on WoW was, before Christmas, spent farming stuff and doing dailies when there weren’t enough people for heroics, and then random PVP interspersed here and there. Now, after coming back, I find I have little to no motivation to seriously farm, so my supply of Dreamcloth will probably be less than is optimal. I’m leveling my paladin again now, got like 10 levels in 4-5 hours, so she’s 61 now. Kind of ridiculous, but I think it makes sense, since, for a given raider’s 2nd or beyond character, the leveling game is easily the most boring and least fulfilling phase, so the quicker it goes, the more satisfied the subscribers are. However, WoW is probably losing some of its glamor, since I’ve been playing it pretty hardcore since Cataclysm released.

In the time I make from not playing WoW, I think I’m going to get back into learning Japanese, no matter how slowly. I’m still interested in seeing if I can do any kind of scanlation work, and I have good source material in the form of D-Frag!, a manga that’s had at least 2 volumes released but hasn’t been scanlated much yet, and I really enjoy reading it. Some of the beginning chapters are also from magazine scans, so I can maybe do some tank work for my own enjoyment. If I want to get into translation work, I gotta start somewhere!


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