I’m going to use poetic license to translate the noise there as *BAMF*.

So I’ve really liked TWGOK since I started reading it, I thought it was really interesting to see what the author could think up for various “falling in love” scenarios, especially how he related it to playing galges too, but I have to say the latest super-arc is *really* interesting. It’s very easy to feel how serious Keima is, and there’s a real sense of urgency in each chapter that wasn’t there before, which helps absorb the reader into the storyline.

Blog updates after the jump!

Aside from that, maybe some short news. I was on a work trip almost all last week, so I made up for it by doing nothing productive over the weekend (except some laundry). I’m planning on picking up my post titled “The World Only God Knows” eventually, but it might not be for a week or so. I have a lot of vacation coming up, so I won’t have much time to think about articles.

I haven’t seen much interesting on the anime/manga/video game scene lately, except that the Cataclysm pre-release events have picked up and capital cities are being invaded by elementals now. Repelling the invasion lets you queue in LFD for lvl 80 versions of some classic bosses (Gahz’rilla, Princess Theradras, Ambassador Flamelash, and a new one, Prince Sarsarun in Ahn’Qiraj) who drop 251 loot. io9 has been reporting some movie production tidbits, stuff on The Dark Knight Rises and the reboot of Spiderman. Apparently Mary Jane Watson won’t be in this one! I posted the short Green Lantern clip yesterday.

I think my blog was much more interesting when I didn’t play WoW all day, since I actually had time to do other stuff haha. Magic took a break since I didn’t want to think about getting scammed on the full playset of Scars of Mirrodin (I finally got my refund). I’m still watching anime, but I haven’t felt a need to post about it. Bakuman has a few differences, otherwise it’s proceeding exactly like the manga (albeit a bit slower-paced, I wonder how they want to end the season, or how many seasons they’re planning for?), Index is awesome, OreImo is awesome, TWGOK is awesome (although Kanon’s tasers look really odd when they’re cat-shaped)… nothing really worth blogging.

Well, hopefully I find time to finish my other article, and I’ll definitely write up GP: Nashville next week. Until then!


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