oh hey, a blog

Yeah, so, as usual, I’m not doing so well at posting. Recently I’ve just been playing WoW so much, since patch 4.0.1 mixed the game up again, as the patches prior to expansions are wont to do. This was the skills/abilities rehaul patch, so they completely redid how you learn and use skills and talents. The talent trees were condensed so that, at level 80, you have 36 points instead of… 71. Yeah, seems like a big hit, but they removed a lot of gimme talents and useless talents, so it’s really just down to what you want to do with your spec. The biggest change was that they made the old 31/41 point talents into base tree abilities: when you choose your tree, you get that ability immediately. This means that when I roll a new paladin, I can get Avenger’s Shield at level 10. Which makes 10-19 battlegrounds absolutely hilarious :)

In other news, I recently bought a bunch of CDs randomly while I was at Best Buy. At first, I just saw that Sara Bareilles’s new CD (Kaleidoscope Heart) was cheap, $8, which was sold out the week it was released for the same price. Then I found 30 Seconds from Mars’s new CD that I missed the release for… then I found other CDs that I had only downloaded but wanted to support the artist; so I ended up also getting Kate Voegele – Don’t Look Away and Lights – The Listening.

I’ll work on something interesting to post soon, I promise!


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