kami nomi zo shiru sekai anime

The first episode of the KamiNomi anime aired a couple days ago! Hooray! Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, The World God Only Knows, often shortened to TWGOK, is one of my favorite manga, and it’s gotten a really good anime adaptation.

KamiNomi is about an otaku/social-recluse high schooler named Katsuragi Keima who specializes in dating sim games (known as “gal games,” or “galge” (Romaji being “garuge”) for short). His online identity is even world-famous, being known as “The Capturing God” (or the “God of Conquest,” if you watch the anime subs) for completing an obscene number of dating sims.

One day, he receives a mysterious e-mail that he takes as a challenge of his ability. In actuality, he just signed a contract with Hell to help them secure runaway spirits. Where are these spirits? Hiding in the hearts of young girls, of course! And how do you capture them? By filling in the “gaps” of their hearts, i.e. making them fall in love with you! To help him on the crazy quest is Elsee, a demon from the capture squad who has various magical abilities… but also appears to be quite incapable, to put it lightly.

I’ve read the reviews of the anime on AnimeNewsNetwork, and I’m almost certain now that these people all go into new anime completely blind. Which is fine. It just makes me laugh that the things they criticize the story for are addressed in later chapters of the manga, which should translate into later episodes of the anime.

When I watched the first episode, I first tried [Deep], since they were an unknown. When Elsee was introduced, I scratched my head, then went to [Chihiro]. Scratched my head again, and watched [HorribleSubs]. In conclusion, CruncyRoll probably translated her name as “Elci” and the “fansub groups” just restyled and touched up that script and font styles and such. Anyway, Crunchy’s subs seemed fine, so whatever, but I was hoping some groups would actually translate the script on their own. Why am does this paragraph exist? Because RedHawkTranslations and other scanlators for the manga translated her name as “Elsee.” Wikipedia says “Elsea,” AnimeNewsNetwork has “Elcea,” and now the subs say “Elci.” I’m surprised no one has taken the crazy localization route and used “LC” yet… I haven’t watched [Commie]’s subs yet, nor did I watch the whole episode for [Deep] or [Chihiro], but they all seemed the same video quality so whichever you choose should be fine.

The voice cast is pretty good, from the few characters represented in the pilot. Keima is voiced by Shimono Hiro. I know him as Ikuto in Nagasarete Airantou, Jin in Kannagi, and Sho in Fairy Tail, but he’s got a lot of other big roles for anime I haven’t watched yet. For past characters he’s voiced, he does a very good job as Keima, but I feel like the pitch isn’t right – I’d have preferred Fukuyama Jun (Lelouch, Yumichika, Watanuki) or Miyano Mamoru (Death the Kid, Light, Fuwa Shou), but what can you do. Elsee is voiced by Itoo Kanae (Saten in Railgun, Nana in toLoveRu, Akai Ringo in Ookami-san), and Ayumi is Taketatsu Ayana (Azusa in K-ON!, Nozomi in Mayoi Neko, Kirino in OreImo). Looks like good cast for other characters coming up, so hopefully the rest of the characters are well-cast.

The production quality is awesome! Not *quite* on par with OreImo from this season, but it’s vibrant, defined, not lazy, and stays true to the manga. This won’t be an action-packed show, so I appreciate that they’re allotting that effort into the rest of the animation. When it gets further into the story, I hope the production quality stays up there.

All in all, for an anime adaptation of one of my favorite manga series, I’m very satisfied and impressed. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season, and the second season next spring!


3 thoughts on “kami nomi zo shiru sekai anime

  1. Wasn’t the translated manga also used ‘Elci’ and iirc ‘Erushii’ at one point? I think Elsea’s name underwent quite many changes in the manga >_<

  2. Well, “Erushii” is the Romaji of her name in katakana, so that’s fine. I don’t remember any scanlators using “Elci” though :(

    I just figured fansubbers would actually use some “reputable” source (Wikipedia or ANN? lol) rather than copy what CrunchyRoll used.

  3. I think Elci was used on earlier chapters… then again, I’m lazy to reread all TWGOK chapters from the start and I do think some chapters have been replaced by better scanlation works so meh?

    Well, I do understand your point if you’re talking about fansub quality. The first time I read “God of Conquest” from CR, I immediately went nuts. God of Conquest, as pointed out by my friend, sounds offensive. When you say “conquering girls” instead of “capturing girls” a different image pops in my mind…… going back, guess the best way to determine which subs offer better TWGOK is to wait for Jimaku Hikaku to produce a comparison

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