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The unfortunate new norm has been for me to ignore this blog :( blitzing to 80 on WoW has been keeping me occupied outside of work. This week is also the last week before States, so I’ve been doing more Magic than usual. Details after the jump!

In WoW news, I hit 70 late last week. This means the experience required to level jumped from 700k to 1.5mil and is only getting higher as I gain levels. I’ve got 3.6k gold, which puts me 60% to my epic flyer at lvl 77. It’s a lot slower-going for me, though, since I’m saving my green drops to get disenchanted to fuel my tailor leveling. Skinning is also much less lucrative than mining is for Tim, although it’s gotten a lot better now that we’re in Wrath; stacks of Borean Leather go for about 15g, Arctic Furs go for 55-80g, even Icy Dragonscales go for 1.5g each. I haven’t looked up Nerubian Chitin yet, but hopefully there’s some demand for it.

With standard playtesting for States, I’ve been getting home only long enough to do dailies and a random dungeon before passing out. This means I’m only really getting about 100-150k experience a day, meaning I would get a level every week and a half at this rate. After States, I hope to play more to get to 80 and start stockpiling.

Stockpiling will obviously be for Cataclysm, which has a release date of 2010/12/7! I’m pretty excited to see all the new stuff, particularly the changes in Azeroth and the return to challenging dungeons. I’m planning on lining up for the midnight release again, and probably getting the collector’s edition to go along with my Wrath CE. I also enjoyed the Wrath soundtrack quite a bit, so I wouldn’t mind having the Cataclysm one, which will probably return to something more Warcraft-y over British Isles/Norse fantasy feeling music.

Magic playtesting is underway with me testing a couple rogue decks while Alan is trying out Boros and Valakut and Dan C going with Aggrofact playing Myrsmith and Tempered Steel. My decks of choice have been Pyromancer’s Ascension with 4x Demolish maindeck, and mono black control trying Moriok Replica.

Pyromancer’s seems quite solid still, but losing Ponder really, really hurts. No Time Warp hurts too, but it hasn’t been as important as I’d think. My replacements thus far have been Demolish and Arc Trail. Arc Trail has been an all-star, a virtual Pyroclasm that can hit players. Since I have heavy burn, I probably don’t actually need a board wiper like Pyroclasm or Chain Reaction, so Arc Trail is really stellar. Demolish is actually ridiculously good against Valakut, but it’s really poor against the faster Boros and Aggrofact decks. Sure, I’ve been able to blow up Argentum Armor and Sword of Vengeance, but I’d have preferred more removal. I don’t know what I’d replace Demolish with… my current thoughts are Into the Roil or Spreading Seas, since they both can net me cards and stall the game out more without (necessarily) costing 4 mana. A good card to use against Boros would be Twisted Image, which can outright kill Steppe Lynx and nulls equipment and Teetering Peaks bonuses while drawing me a card… but it’s absolutely rotten against pretty much every other deck out there, except maybe Dredgevine. (yay, kills Crabs and Doppelgangers!)

My MBC build wins off Abyssal Persecutor and/or Corrupt. It’s a pretty straight-forward build, discard, removal, Gatekeeper and Vapors to control the board and give me Persecutor sac outlets, Sign in Blood and Moriok Replica for card advantage. I was also playing Palladium Myr to accelerate into turn 4 Mind Sludge or Corrupt and double as a meat shield when it’s unneeded… however, I’m going to try out Chalice instead, see if that works any better (can’t be Bolted). The other change I might make is no one seems to think Replica is really any good. Also, drawing 2 Mind Sludges can be really bad. So, I might go -1 Sludge -4 Replica +2 Mind Rot +3 Nighthawk. Another option would be Skinrender, since Chalice accelerates into it turn 3, and Nighthawk is kind of unexciting.

More rounds of playtesting to be had tonight and tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes.


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