i’ve been wowed

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, most of my free time these days is taken up by blitzing to 80 in WoW. We finally reached the last leg yesterday when we hit lvl 68, meaning we can start doing Wrath content! However, we’re probably going to do all the BC instances since they’re easy and give tons of experience. Might as well save all the Wrath quests to progress through the 70’s more quickly.

This weekend is Scars of Mirrodin launch parties, followed by States next weekend. The Magic group at work has grown quite a bit (21 people at draft on Tuesday!), so we’ve got quite a testing group this time around. I’m not really interested in any of the popular decks/archetypes floating around, so I’m probably building rogue again (I know, surprising). I thought of an interesting deck on the way to work, another one that probably won’t work out, but might be worth sharing :)

Quest for the Nihil Stone + Painful Quandary. Quest reads, whenever opponent discards a card, put a counter on ~this~. During opponent’s upkeep, if they have no cards in hand and Quest has 2 counters, you can have them lose 5 life. Painful Quandary: Whenever opponent casts a spell, they lose 5 life unless they discard a card. So, if they have no cards after casting a spell, they lose 5 life.

You can imagine the possible shenanigans if you also throw in Liliana’s Caress into the mix… but then you’re relying on 3 enchantments that don’t actually really prevent your opponent from face-smashing you. Then the idea loses some luster… but it’s still cool! I still think Painful Quandary has some potential, so I might try to build something around it. The nice part is that, unlike Quest for the Nihil Stone or Liliana’s Caress, you don’t really need to build around it, it just kind of works on its own. At a cost of 5, it’s not too expensive either, unlike Baneful Omens. It’s also not likely to be trumped by Platinum Emperion in Standard, either :)

Another card I really like is Psychic Miasma. Target player discards a card. If they discard a land, put this back in your hand. 1B. It’s good early, it’s good late. Definitely works well with Quest for the Nihil Stone, since you can handle them sandbagging lands, or you’re getting rid of a spell. Either way is good for you.


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