fairy tail 39

So yesterday I caught this interesting gem in Fairy Tail episode 39… does anyone know what the heck it is?

The subs I watch for Fairy Tail are by a collaboration between Keishou and IEatSoul. The encodes are done well, they use a non-offensive font (which is apparently harder than you’d think to do, considering some of the font choices out there), and the translation typically looks good. However, I have to say, at least run your scripts through a spell checker before releasing.

Click here for a minor FT39 spoiler…

It’s almost as bad as the other recent mishap, where the script wasn’t even muxed on the released video. I mean, I’m sorry, but could you just take 5 seconds to open the file you encoded and make sure it looks OK? When I was editing/QCing, I always watched the episode with my script changes before sending the script off to the next person. I caught a lot of typos I myself had made from oversight or working too closely. I mean, what if your encode completely failed and you lost sound or picture for a few minutes? What if the script timing ended up being off? There are so many unpredictable things that can go wrong. This is a preventable flaw, why not take the 23 minutes to do one last pass?

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