blog stats: summer 2010

So I originally planned on doing this on a more regular basis, but it takes a while to compile all the data and I have to be in the mood to get it all. So, here are the statistics for the better part of summer gone!

As usual, the FF13 item guide is generating the majority of the traffic here. 1603 hits in the last month, 7421 since April, and 17593 for all time. April housed the most hits for this post (7722), with April 5, 2010, attracting the most for a single day (451).

Since that page isn’t very interesting in terms of stats analysis, let’s go to actual blog posts :)

For all time, Sarkhan the Mad has 424 hits. Which is funny because I just stole the picture from Wizards’ website and made a few offhand comments on it and Ulamog. But hey, hits are hits!

The top non-search engine referrer is the abyss: welcome to my world at 23, specifically the post on Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou episode 5. I don’t see a link to my blog from there, so I’m guessing they turned off the randomly generated links or something. Beyond that, I don’t really see what the point of the blog is, since there’s very little writing and a billion pictures of indecent anime scenes, but they have 8 million hits, so I guess something’s being done right O.o

The next highest referrer is Casual Magic‘s post on Rise of the Eldrazi art (19), followed by someone linking to my blog from GameSpot’s FF13 board (thanks for the plug!; 13 hits).

The top search term is “ff13 item guide” at 205, followed by “sarkhan the mad” at 190, then (skipping a FF13 variant) “ulamog” at 145.

Top clicks from the blog are:


All right, that’s it for all time. The more interesting stats are going to be monthly ones.

July isn’t quite over yet, but there have been 2053 visits so far. July 5th has the high at 89 visits. Sarkhan the Mad still seems to be popular, gathering 29 kills, followed up by “so how does this all work…” at 27, then my first Ookami-san post with 19.

There aren’t any referrers with more than 2 clicks :( looks like my e-popularity ain’t there yet. Better keep writing!

In search terms, “ulamog” overcomes the dominance of “sarkhan the mad” with 12 hits over 10, with the 3rd place “eldrazi” way behind with a measly 4 hits.

For links leading out of my blog, #1 is io9’s article on superconductors with 3, followed by a tie between Gamefaqs and Kotaku’s post on Blizzard’s RealID forum plan with 2.

So, what do we learn from this? People still are playing FF13, although the demand for information is certainly dropping (the number of hits in April alone is higher than the number of hits from May through July). People are searching for Sarkhan the Mad, for whatever reason. After that, the only other interesting thing my blog has is a one-liner on Ulamog and a review of Ookami-san’s first episode. Guess I need to find more ways to coerce people into visiting interesting things to write about!


Well, that pretty much rounds out the blog stats for July. Hopefully I’ll be more prudent next month and get another round of stats out instead of waiting 5 months to do it :x I also hope I’ll have time to write more posts in general! I would much prefer having articles and things of interest rather than being a picture diary/link haven, but sometimes it’s just quicker to post YouTube videos than write papers :)


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