so many hits!

At some point over the weekend, while I was out of town and probably sleeping (I slept like 40 hours over 2 days), this blog of questionable repute attracted its 200,000th visitor. Hooray! Here’s an amusing picture from “Ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai” (There’s no way my sister is this cute).

In other news, over the past week, I’ve mostly just been catching up with new anime (Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, Shiki, Seitokai Yakuindomo, Sekirei, Highschool of the Dead), watching Digimon Adventure 02, and generally not being productive. I visited my dad over the weekend and spent my free time watching Nagasarete Airantou (which, I must say, got some very appropriate voice actors for the characters. Color me impressed) and playing with the dog. Ran to the card shop and picked up some singles and a couple packs of matte UltraPro sleeves, which I’d been trying to find for a while now.

In other news not concerning me, OneManga recently announced its impending closure. There’s been a big push against the scanlation-compendium type websites, so I won’t be surprised if MangaFox eats it next. I already get my anime directly from fansub sites, so it won’t be a big deal to do it for manga as well. However, this means there are fewer ways for me to kill time at work now ;(

Starcraft 2 comes out tomorrow (or tonight, if you’re that desperate to play it). I’ll probably pick it up after work. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World comes out in about 3 weeks now, both the video game and the movie. Nothing else too exciting…

I read the next Zaregoto light novel over the weekend too. I’ll probably have a small post about it soon. I should read more, I’ve got the Zendikar MTG novel and the last Keys to the Kingdom book that have been collecting dust, and I haven’t really gotten far in The Golden Compass yet. Beyond that, there are some sociology books I haven’t finished yet either (The Black Swan, The World Without Us). Blah.

Welp, probably time to get back to work.


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