tell me, what means this?

Just got an e-mail from Atlus with this subject line:

Demon’s Souls North American online support extended through at least March 2011; World Tendency shifts to Pure White in celebration

Since I’ve only beaten like 3 levels, I have no idea what this means >_> but apparently the game is “slightly easier” and they made “otherwise inaccessible items and areas open to current players.” Does this mean I get shafted if I don’t beat the game before March of next year? zomgz

EDIT: Added link to Atlus forums.


One thought on “tell me, what means this?

  1. haha, no the game doesn’t get easier. There are “world tendencies” which can range from pure white to pure black. If it goes to white I think the enemies have less hp, and vise versa. The each of the 5 zones has its own tendencies… by doing things in them you can change it (i.e. dying in body form in a world shifts the tendency by a point.. it’s like a 13 point scale or something). The way you can vaguely tell what the tendencies are is by looking at the stone statue color before you zone in on it. There’s a screen that lets you look at all 5… a pure white or pure black one looks slightly different than normal. You want to shift to either side really badly because when you zone in like that, then there are extra passages open with tough monsters in them, as well as really awesome loot/armor. Usually takes a fair bit of work to get a zone to flip in a direction, so them doing for free like that is really nice.

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