friendly neighborhood update

Well, I haven’t posted anything in almost a week now! Why’s that? Here’s a hint…

OK, made your guess? Answer after the jump…

Yeah, that’s right, I’ve been watching Digimon Adventure. Woo!

Aside from that, last week I also spent a lot of time rebuilding my EDH decks; I took apart my Reaper King and Rhys decks, super-tuned my Oros deck, and started building an Intet deck. It should be fun, it’s going to be a ton of counters and card draw, with various Fling effects and creature stealing. I’d aim to get a Reliquary Tower/Spellbook out, have a grip of counters, and then make creatures with Words of Wilding, Awakening Zone, or Goblin Assault.

Friday and Saturday were M11 launch events. Friday, my pool had a really good green/white selection but low on removal, so I started off with a weird red/blue build that didn’t have much going for it. I had a good draw my first game, won off Shiv’s Embrace, but after that my opponent just had better cards and that beat out my mediocre creatures and lack of counterspells. So, I switched to the green/white build (Garruk, Day of Judgment, Obstinate Baloth, Sword of Vengeance) and beat face with big creatures. Apparently it was the way to go, since I ended up 3-1. Saturday was a great finish of 1-3, but I’m not too sad since I got a third Grave Titan. Hard to feel down when I make the entry fee back before I finish opening up my packs :)

Sunday I went to see Inception. I’m pretty sure I have Memento listed as one of my favorite movies… this one gets to join the ranks. I’m a psych major, so the exposition was particularly interesting to me. The effects were great, the action was awesome, and the story was a bit shallow but the focus was more on the setting, the physics of the world, than what the characters’ backstories were. I highly recommend seeing it.

Last, but not least, I’ve officially joined the ranks of GenCon attendees… I have a work trip the Monday after it, but my boss approved my vacation since my project team said they would be fine with me having a backup for Thursday and Friday, which I found.

I’ll try to find time to post more detailed stuff in the next couple days, but not sure if I’ll have time. Summer is slowly winding down, so I need to make the most of it! (Definitely not playing Borderlands tonight… *cough*)

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