internet insecurity

So Blizzard recently announced that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and Starcraft II forums will display a user’s RealID (more or less the name registered to the account) whenever that user posts. They want this change to foster more mature and friendly communities, raising it from the depths of the cursing, flaming, trolling cesspool that it is now. Hey, that’s a good goal. Props.

All right, enough basking in praise, let’s discard the advocate suit and point you here, to a blog newly created for the express purpose of telling Blizzard “Hey, you know, this ain’t such a grand idea…” Hey, this is the Internet. For all I know, this person randomly picked a bad FAQ from GameFAQs and is pretending to be that person, while also picking a “random” person from the WoW credits to e-stalk who just so happens to be a parent’s friend’s sibling who he meets at family gatherings. Whatever. The point is, this person has a point.

The tools are out there. If you frequent Kotaku or Sankaku Complex, you might have already read of these crazy stories where people get e-stalked and assaulted already in real life, and that’s with the veil of anonymity intact. One of the suggestions made in Kotaku’s coverage of this news suggested something good: make 2 forums, one that functions the same as the current forums do, one that uses the ReadID. This way, people have the choice to remain anonymous or otherwise.


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