i been out in the borderlands…

Haven’t posted anything since Friday, mostly because there was a Steam sale for the last couple weeks on like everything, including Borderlands for $10! So, I got a couple of my friends to buy it and we did some multiplayer action, which is ridiculously fun.

Borderlands is a FPS RPG. Basically, think of a normal FPS (Bioshock, Half-Life, etc.), and then add in a touch of Diablo, where enemies have levels and HP, weapons and armor have levels and stats, and you get quests and experience and talent points. That’s Borderlands in a nutshell.

I don’t remember if I blogged about this game yet, but I’m still quite smitten with Diablo 2, so Borderlands resonates with me very well. It’s even got a streak of GTA in it, since I’ll just go on a reckless streak by spawning a buggy with a rocket launcher and go run over bandits and skags or blow up stuff; it’s good for stress :)

The art direction is very unique as well; I remember being somewhat interested in the game when it was first announced, but then they changed the art style to this grungy-cel-shade thing and I felt I absolutely had to get it. And then I started playing WoW again and that plan fell out the window. Oh well, better late than never.

I’ve got a hunter I play solo, and a siren for multiplayer. The hunter was pretty rough at first, since I didn’t have anything good to use for close range, but now I’ve found a couple elemental revolvers, so I can hold my own even against melee swarms. The siren I’m playing much more recklessly, my main weapons being a shotgun, a SMG, and an exploding revolver. It’s fun times.


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