when fiction > real life

I just read a news article about a pirate cook who saved a group of hostages by providing them food, cell phone service, and weapons once he found out the other pirates were going to kill them to sell their organs. However, it looks like for whatever reason no countries are willing to (at least publicly) admit that they will give him asylum if he sought it.

I watch a lot of anime, read a lot of books. This kind of situation happens often enough; someone batting for the villains has a change of heart and helps the good guys out. Obviously, I don’t know the whole story here. News happens to be horribly biased; not necessarily the fault of the author or the news group, but it’s almost impossible to have enough facts to accurately portray a story from all angles to represent a complete work. But, I think that, in this game theory, I’d rather be the guy who is fooled for taking the risk than the guy who loses a potential asset by being stubborn.

The hostages are describing the cook’s actions all in a very positive light. Obviously, for them, he was their savior, since they had nothing going for them. Still, from the few facts we know, he helped them out without any material gain for himself, and the end result was 6 dead pirates. Maybe he didn’t think it through, but there was always a chance his kindness would be rewarded with a headshot from a spiteful hostage. I think the guy deserves a chance, at least some kind of acknowledgment from a government official or something. Like the article stated, by *not* acknowledging his “heroics” as it were, the world is saying that there’s no redemption for pirates. In a future pirate kidnapping situation, there’s no concrete gain for helping the victims. I don’t think that’s the message we (of the “civilized” world, as it were) want to send.


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