super standard weekend

I haven’t made many long posts lately… mostly because I’ve been a lazy bum doing nothing but watching anime and playing Diablo 2 when I get home from work (*mystile, E/SC/L). We did have board-game night at my friend’s place last weekend, which was fun; I discovered Dutch Blitz, which is like a simpler, marketed version of battle solitaire. I shall have to challenge Scott to it next time I see him (probably in like 2 years).

FNM last Friday was slightly disappointing, but in the end satisfactory. I had a blue-white super-aggressive deck with plenty of removal (2 Smite, 2 Narcolepsy, Guard Duty, Domestication, a few levelers and a bunch of flyers), but I lost first round because my opponent always had the removal he needed to kill my guys. Also, Guard Duty on Sphinx of Magosi doesn’t really help me win, just slows down losing. I beat 2 awkward decks the next 2 rounds though (GBw not-so-good creatures, and RBwu mess that raped me with double Brimstone Mage game 1, but never got off the ground in the other two games). Kind of sad that I opened Vengevine in a redraft FNM :( ended up with Student of Warfare, not too horrible for 4th.

Ordered some stuff from Amazon the other day. Demon’s Souls was on sale for $30, so I went ahead and tacked on some manga while I had the free shipping, getting the rest of Pretty Face (vols. 4-6) plus Ichigo 100% vol. 12 on the 4-for-3 promo.

I’ve been feeling kind of stale lately, not really in the mood to do much. I still watch my weekly anime, still play Magic when I can but never really excited to do so (at least with draft); I’ll be much more into it with M11, I think. Haven’t been in the mood for video games except for Diablo. I have been getting more in the mindset of exercising, so I’m going to start biking a little bit, even aiming to wake up early to jog every once in a while (watch, I’ll never actually do it). I have books I need to read too. I just don’t have much going for myself… summer looks somewhat bleak, although I have a wedding in August in Portland, and the Nationals Magic tournament a couple weeks later, so maybe that’ll get me more involved. We’ll see.

Anyway, this coming weekend is chock full of standard, with MMS Madison on Saturday followed by another PTQ Amsterdam the next day. I want to test out 2 homebrews (one being my Thought Hemorrhage deck) since I feel like rogue is the best way to get the edge, but I might default back to Vengevine Naya just because I know the deck the best and it’s never horrible. I’m definitely planning to post about the weekend, so hopefully I’ll have good news to post!


One thought on “super standard weekend

  1. wooo Demon’s Souls! That game is really fun. Super hard, but that’s what makes it good. The fact that random people can come invade your game is really fun too.

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