apparently i suck at this format

So yeah, I’ve done almost 2 drafts a week of Rise since the prerelease. How many is that? I don’t remember for sure, but it’s a fair amount. I’ve 3-0’d once, 2-1’d twice, and gone 1-2 about 10 times… at least half of these aren’t sanctioned, so my rating isn’t suffering *that* much, but it’s probably down under 1700 by now. I… really don’t know what I’m doing wrong; apparently my decks just hate me, I guess.

Tonight, I drafted a pretty good-looking BW deck, first pick Guul Draz Assassin, second pick Dawnglare Invoker. I ended up with 2 Last Kisses, an Induce Despair, 2 Guard Duties, a Smite, and 2 Puncturing Lights. For creatures, I had 3 Zulaport Enforcers, Mortician Beetle, Knight of Cliffhaven, Cadaver Imp, Bala Ged Scorpion, 2 Zof Shades… a bunch of pretty solid stuff, only 3 cards costing 5 or more (Dread Drone, Soulbound Guardians, and Ulamog’s Crusher), a pretty good curve… I felt like I had a good deck.

Oh, here’s the other thing about my 1-2 streak: almost every time, I win the first game in a landslide, then I just get raped the other two matches. And I don’t get immediately raped, I’ll crush my 2nd round opponent game 1, then lose in a decently close game  2nd game, and then get blown out. It’s not even funny. Finally, my last match I’ll just drop 2 games to land screw and drawing useless cards. This has happened at least the last 5 drafts where I went 1-2.

Well, PTQ in Minnesota this weekend. I’m either going to play my Super Inquisition deck, or, if my Vengevines arrive, I might play a variation of GerryT’s Vengevine Naya. I’ve had pretty good success with Naya so far, starting with the 14th place finish at MMS Chicago, so I might just keep playing it. I’m definitely more familiar with the matchups with that deck… and I feel like the bad experiences with Super Ink (nice nickname!) were mostly because I played my matches against Matt Becker, and he knows exactly what my deck does. We’ll see, though, playtesting tomorrow and Thursday.


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