sooo busy

So, my loyal (nonexistent?) readership, I haven’t made many posts lately. I blame work, for being excessively busy, and Magic tournaments. There are a few in a row in the upcoming weekends, so we had a playtest session last weekend and I’ve been brewing decks and goldfishing a lot lately. Aside from that, I’ve just been watching a lot of anime, heh… I watched the whole first arc Durarara!!, I’ve been keeping up with quite a few shows this season, Happy Town premiered last Wednesday (woo Amy Acker!), and last weekend I watched all of ef – a tale of melodies (which, only after I watched it, I found out was the second season, and I hadn’t seen the first… now makes sense why I was never introduced to half the characters).

FF13 is mostly on permanent hiatus, since it seems to just be a grindfest now… I can’t do any of the harder hunts since my guys are too low-level, I can’t efficiently level up weapons since I have like no money and grinding it is like gouging my eyes out with a spoon, and the fastest CP grind (that I’ve found) is the behemoth king + mestiahosdoahofh at the north Archylte Steppe waystone, which is a whopping 13k CP when I’m on the 40k+ tier of the 4-6 role trees. Ugh.

After this week, I’ll have more standard experience and one of my urgent projects at work will be over, so I’ll have more breathing room to do stuff like Blog Stats, anime/manga/TV reviews, and Magic discussion. I haven’t thought of anything more to do with this blog yet, so my posts will most likely be on one of those 3 topics.


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