spread them seas

Something about this card really makes me want to break it. It’s already either auto-4 in main or auto-4 in SB for almost every blue deck in standard, but I feel like it can enable a lot of craziness.

We did a few hours of playtesting today, which really helped. I tested almost all rogue decks. Mono-red Raid Bombardment is hilarious but way more luck-based than RDW, so it’s probably out. I tried Sam Johnston‘s mono-green build with Rise, replaced Thornlings and 2 Wolfbriars (because I don’t have them :x) with 4 Momentous Falls. There’s more gas, but it doesn’t really help when I only draw lands, so, if I were to try the deck competitively, I’d probably go 2 Momentous Fall, 4 Wolfbriars. Thornling is pretty awesome, but I never felt like having one would have saved me… but I also didn’t play against a huge variety of decks. Polymorph and Boss Naya were the big ones vs. this deck. If Polymorph rises in popularity, I definitely can’t play mono-green, since there’s no way to deal with any of the Poly targets (Emrakul, Iona).

The other deck I playtested I’m keeping a secret since I believe it’ll be really good if I can hammer out the kinks. I’ll post on how it does after I play it in some standard tournaments ;) aside from that, I built two completely new decks tonight, both using a full suite of Spreading Seas. One is Enchantress, running 4 Kor Spiritwalkers and 4 Mesa Enchantresses along with 4 O-rings, 8 creature removal auras, and, of course, Sigil of the Empty Throne.

The other deck I think also has a good shot at being competitive, it runs 4 Spreading Seas, 4 Contaminated Ground, and 4 Lodestone Golem. The win condition is 4 Glaze Fiend, 4 Master of Etherium, and either Rite of Replication or various artifacts. The mana seems very consistent and the draws as well: even with 7 cards costing 5 or more (2 Sharuum, 2 Open the Vaults, 2 Scourglass, 1 Inkwell Leviathan), since the rest are all low-drops, my hands never look too bad. In addition to that, playing the land disruption and Lodestone Golem slows my opponent’s game down so that I can hit higher mana amounts without too much issue. We’ll see how it does, I’m excited to playtest with it.


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